PHILIP B Anti-Flake Relief Shampoo, Coal Tar-Free 7.4 oz. (220 ml) | Instant Soothing Relief for Lasting Comfort



SCALP SAVIOR. Made for those with severe scalp issues, Philip B Anti-Flake Shampoo helps to relieve itching and flaking, providing instant soothing relief for lasting comfort. We've included hair loving extracts like Chamomile to give your scalp the love it needs and deserves! HYDRATING RELIEF. Our unique formula isn't just a shampoo, it's a revolutionary treatment shampoo made to get the job done right. With time-released hydrators, your scalp begins to feel relief instantly, and last wash after wash; What you're left with is bouncy and luminous hair! THICKER, HEALTHIER HAIR. By calming the inflammation around each hair follicle, the hair begins to grow undisturbed. You'll notice thicker and healthier hair over time as your scalp is less irritated, leaving you and your hair happy! ALL NATURAL BOTANICALS. Exclusively picked for their nourishing results, Italian White Truffle Oil, Hops, Nettle, Thyme, Lavender, Horsetail and Burdock combine for our one-of-a-kind shampoo. Each botanical penetrates the hair and works its magic from the inside out, giving you glossy, sleek hair. LUXURY HAIR CARE. Known for his line of expert hair care items, Philip B has set the standard for Hollywood glam. With the use of natural and pure botanicals, each product offers luxurious solutions for hair and skin that allow you to feel your best, everyday.


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